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Mikan Tsumiki by animemary
Mikan Tsumiki
It's Mikan! Yes some danganronpa art XD!!!
I love Mikan so much omg, but like... i think Peko's still my fave out of sdr2.
Anyway here she is~! Enjoy c:
Art by me, i dont own Mikan sillies
Ruki Mukami by animemary
Ruki Mukami
No. He's ruined my life, I have a drawing of Shu, that was before I knew about this guy. He's apparently my new favorite in Diabolik Lovers. Though i gotta know more about everyone
Anyway, here he is whoo hoo, used TOP from BIGBANG as a reference for this pose and shit... =.=
Art is alllll mine
Ruki belongs to Diabolik Lovers creators who i dont know
Lunathyst contest by animemary
Lunathyst contest…
Muahaha ontest~ This is a contest for :iconlunathyst: well.. she made it! anyway its a contest of drawing her OCs interacting at a carnival or fair, and i had fun ovo
all the characters above are her ocs only!
from left to right: Akemi, Tami, Marilyn(hathatsmyname), Yvette, Morticia, and Luna/technically Lynathyst ovo
I had so much fun drawing them OvO i love drawing other's OCs XD
~all owned my Lunathyst, art is mine~ 
Fireworks by animemary
more art<3 yas original non-anime art XD
i really like its its cute, and my watermark is apocalypticbuny because that's what i'll change my name to some time soon
art is allllll mine~! character is mine too~
Shuu Sakamaki by animemary
Shuu Sakamaki
More art~! yaaay~!
I've been watcing Diabolik Lovers recently, and i need to find more of it XD i like it c: hehe
so this is the oldest brother, Shuu and he's one of my favorites (can't choose between him and Ayato)
Though i was actually supposed to draw Subaru first o.e? its weird XD
Art is mine Shuu doesn belong to me~


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United States
Hi~! :D

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Thank you so much 4 the watch!!!Hug 
animemary Featured By Owner 2 days ago
You're welcome ^7^
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Ahhhh thank you so much for the watch bby:iconmuahplz: I really appreciate it <333

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It's okay I'd probably do that too XDD and Alright i will c:~~~!!!
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Thank you by Fyrrea  
Thanks for your support La la la la I'm very happy you liked my art!
Have an awesome day Hug,
animemary Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2015
Aww thank you for the message >7<. You're welcome c: i hope you have an awesome day too!
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Hello !! Thank you for joining and welcome to :iconfree-fans:

We look forward to having you on board ^^

Enjoy and have fun  Heart Heart Heart  
animemary Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014
Oh thank you for the welcome ^^
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thanks 4 the fav!
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your welcome ^7^
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